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A fast, responsive website is critical to growing your business and gaining new clients.  You need a team that can create your digital identity and help you stay relevant without breaking the bank.  You need Lene Media & Design.

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Brand Development

This is your voice in the market!  We make it clear, consistent and unique to you.

Social Media Management

Let us help you show your followers who you really are.

Audience Analytics

Curious who your clients really are? We can tell you all about them.


A great site doesn't matter if no one can find you.  We help you rank high in Google so you can gain more clients.


Words matter! Web pages, blog posts, informational landing pages and more.

Website Maintenance

We keep your website healthy and updated so it's always up and running.

Website Design

Your website is everything. We work with you to create a beautiful, fast site you can be proud of.

Email & SMS Marketing

We make it easy to stay in touch with your clients no matter where they are.

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Charging for a consultation is so out-dated.  Contact us today so we can get to know you and your idea for free.

Web Design and Digital Marketing is our thing!  What’s yours?

You’re creative.  You’re driven.  No one can do what you do better than you.  That is why your clients love you.  Everyone should know about you.  But making your mark in the online world can take a lot of time and energy that you don’t have.  So while you’re going above and beyond for your clients we’ll be doing the same for you.  We take care of your website and online presence while keeping you in the loop the entire time so you’re never in the dark.  Together, we’ll establish your position as an industry leader!

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